Our Mission

Working in concert with national and local brands and businesses, and cheap-papers.com from https://cheap-papers.com/ which help with various information points, School Media provides critical funding for schools all across the United States by sharing positive and inspiring messages focused on health, education, nutrition and safety (H.E.N.S.) with students and teachers.


Our goal is to inspire students with creative, clever and positive messaging designed to improve and enrich their lives. This isn’t about pushing potato chips or soda pop on kids – rather, it’s about encouraging the type of healthy, safe, smart and sensible lifestyle all parents and teachers strive to instill in our children.


At School Media, we ensure our advertisers adhere to a strict set of standards that results in positive, practical and inspiring messages. At the same time, schools in desperate need of additional funding are able to hire more teachers, purchase new books and computers and support the types of programs critical to educating the children entrusted to their care.


Join us at School Media in making “A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE” for Students, Schools and the future of Education.